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Production Line Simulation

We create the future by Educating in Prosthetic Manufacturing

Explore the transformative world of additive manufacturing with I4byDesign. Our specialized training, in collaboration with industry leaders, equips you with the skills to fully exploit the potential of 3D design and additive processes.

Discover the I4byDesign advantage: where innovation meets practical application, setting you apart in the competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Training Modules Specially Designed for You

Our training courses, led by experienced professionals, are designed to provide hands-on experience officially licensed by Visual Components in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with robotic arms.

Explore our various training courses:

1st Round - Duration: 1 day.

Getting Started

Immerse yourself in the 3D world by mastering navigation, selection and layout using Process Modeling.

Basics of Robot Programming

Create and modify robot programs, connect external axes and harness the power of loops.

Basics of Component Modeling

Model new parts, create personal libraries and simulate machine operations.

2nd Round - Duration 1 day (Prerequisite: 1st Round)

Introduction to Process Modeling

A visual guide to the distribution of products, processes and process flows in a layout.

Assemblies in Process Modeling

Creating assembly product types, handling products and understanding assembly template commands. Explore now

3rd Round - Duration 1 day (Prerequisites: Round 1 & 2)

Simulating Resources using Process Modeling Library

Automate tasks, monitor vehicle movement and plan routes for optimal resource utilization.

Are you ready to revolutionize your production process?

Join us and start your own production line simulation journey.

The I4byDesign project is implemented within the framework of the Action of National Scope: COMPETENCES CENTERS and is co-financed by the European Union and national resources through the EP. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK).

Scientific manager and coordinator of the Competence Center is Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras, Chairman of the Board of EKETA.


I4byDesign IKE —
National Center for Research & Technological Development
6th km Harilaou – Thermis, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece

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